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Nutritional Benefits of C-Detox Supplements

Hollywood Celebrity’s no.1 organic nutritional diet choice.

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Nutritional Benefits of C-Detox Supplements

Hollywood Celebrity’s no.1 organic nutritional diet choice.

8 Anti-Aging Foods For Glowing, Refreshed Youthful Skin

By simply switching up your diet, it’s possible to erase years from your skin and face.  We’re going to get old, and I’ve read up, talked to my mom & friends about their skin becoming sagging and wrinkly. I then…..

Brisk Walks & Running

Heath Benefits: Maintain a healthy weight Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.   •  Improve your balance and             coordination Strengthen your bones and muscles. Improve…..

Homemade C-Detox Drinks

5 Major Health Benefits  C-Detox drinks assist in naturally with; Weight loss Reducing inflammation Boost Energy Support Digestion Cleanse the liver promoting healthy skin  We all have crazy busy schedules and we work hard every day and we can barely…..

New Years Resolution Detox

Our biggest addictions are Alcohol & Cigarettes so lets give it a go!  Why not have a fresh start New Year’s Resolution by quitting drinking alcohol or simply cut back the amount you usually consume. You have the will power…..

Winter C-Detox Pot Lentil Soup

INGREDIENTS Lentil pot Soup: 2 cups butternut squash (peeled and cubed) 2 cups carrots (peeled and sliced) 2 cups potatoes (chopped) 2 cups celery (chopped) 1 cup green lentils ¾ cup yellow split peas (or just use more lentils) 1…..


I know that you can do this… LETS GO! No Soda Drink 10 Glasses of Water No “Diet’ anything No Artificial Sweeteners causes “CANCER” No Wheat/Gluten No Sugar No Alcohol No Dairy No Pckg Foods No Eating Out Eat Greens everyday Eat Protein…..

5 C-Detox Summer juices + smoothie recipes for Glowing Skin by Coco Accom

Get your Coachella Body ready this summer! 1. Coco’s secret most delicious Carrot + Cantaloupe + Ginger recipe 1 level tbsp C-detox super slim or 1 tbsp colon cleanse 6 carrots 3 slices of Cantaloupe 3 slices of ginger 2……

FAQ – Effects of taking C-Detox and how to take it

Hi guys Today I’m here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the effects of taking C-Detox. I realize that we’ve all had our nightmares, inconveniences and horror stories with taking detoxes and having to spend the…..

Coco’s Health & Nutrition Story

I lost some weight finally after having huge weight issues for 2-3 yrs. In my line of work I have to look beautiful, in shape and camera ready at all times. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest thing to maintain such…..