10 Coco Accom’s Health + Nutritional Benefits of Detoxing the Body

“C-Detox Colon Cleanse” supplement has really been a miracle breakthrough for me and so many other people that needed a big change in their lifestyle. It isn’t just some marketing gimmick like all the thousands of products that delivers zero results, it actually works and has incredible benefits. It’s safe for Diabetics take this supplement too.

1. Is a Detox good for you?
IMG_0583Do you think that all detox programs is really good for you? There’ so many warnings and recommendations for detoxing which is so confusing for anyone considering going on a detox. I’ve tried quite a few and the benefits are very short term but if you can incorporate eating clean and being conscious about what you’re putting into your body then it’s the 1st step in the right direction towards looking, feeling and living a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. C-Detox works well for me and many of my close friends, family, celebrity clients and fitness trainers who use this revolutionary breakthrough supplement. We’re all ambassadors for eating good nutrition and maintaining an enriched lifestyle. I’ve listed some of the benefits you can achieve by following some of the more renowned detox programs that actually work out there in this vastly growing oversaturated market. For me if about listening to your body and finding the detox program that suits you and is tailor-made to fit into your busy fast paced lifestyle without effecting your active daily routines.


2. C-Detox Colon Cleanse deposes colon of deadly toxic waste
The no1 priority C-Detox Colon Cleanse helps eradicate the deadly detox waste that’s been stuck in the colon for who knows how long and helps reduce the belatedness. I see so many men walking around like a lollipop on a stick carrying a Manbaby or being overly bloated, even us women looking pregnant. I was shocked and discovered that this all stems from the deadly toxic waste, like rotten meat, fast foods that aren’t very digestible or genetically modified food impossible to process or breakdown are the main causes for the gas build up, that cannot escape in your stomach, resulting in one’s belly always looking protruded in appearance giving you that bloated “Manbaby” “Beerbelly” Homer Simpson look. I find that almost every detox program has been designed to stimulate the body to purge itself and helps to cleanse the liver, kidneys and colon. If you don’t cleanse the colon it’s very hard for the body detoxify and absorb all the good minerals, vitamins and benefits because the deadly toxins have to exit the body first of the backed up colon toxic waste before as it can reintroduce the toxins back into the body, rather than exiting to renew and for the body to start absorbing the all the good stuff.

3. Helps with Weight Loss

A Detox program or diet is a great short term way, to lose weight very fast with C-Detox supplement its more about incorporating and establishing better long-term eating habits and to lose the unhealthy habits. The main focus in media is about a drastic reduction in calories, fake photoshopped before and after pictures, rapid weight-loss but these short-term results won’t last if you don’t break the bad habits and make a concerted effort, to replace bad junk foods with good nutritional food and to embrace your new found energy to stay active and exercise even if its just long regular walks.




4. Boosts Your Energy
Research results shows that people who follow a detox program generally feel more energetic and positive than before. Reason being that whilst detoxing you’re stopping the influx of the toxic buildup that was the catalyst for you detox in the first place. Taking the sugar, caffeine, trans fat, saturated fat out of your daily, nutrition plan and replacing it with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, you’ll be getting a more of a natural energy boost and one that doesn’t result the awfully, intense, highs and lows of crashing. Always stay well hydrated when you’re on any detox program so that you can increase you energy source, especially if you’re not in the habit of drinking plenty of water daily.

5. Boots your Immune System
You cleanse your vital organs when you detox and they function at much higher capacity. This helps to boost your immune system and your body’s able to absorb nutrients and vitamins more proficiently. Taking herbs whilst on a detox will help the lymphatic system, which plays a big role in keeping you healthy and triggering the immune system absorption rate.

6. Lighter Feeling
IMG_0605I’ve always had a little bit of a belly which i hated and made me feel very conscious when wearing tight fitting dresses and leggings but it deflated my belly like a balloon after one week of taking C-Detox Colon Cleans and left me feeling much lighter, overall. I urge you that if you’ve never tried a colon cleanse in your whole life, you’re missing out on looking and feeling invigorated and healthy. Try not to over eat while your on the detox program as it will constrict you from feeling lighter and give you the energy you’ve been missing. Once you stop eating junk food that weighs you down and replace it with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, inevitably you’ll feel slimmer, lighter than before.


7. Clearer Thinking Yoga
IMG_0609Detoxing helps with the neurological functions and you’ll observe that it improves your memory and you’ll experience less haziness and you’ll start having a clearer thought process. Avoid artificial sugary sodas as it will counteract your detox program and will also cause you to crash fast. Yoga meditation is a good way of getting in tune with your body at this time of purging and cleansing toxic waste. Yoga meditation helps with the movement, stimulating the body and central nervous system helping with blood circulation, assists in feeling calmer and more balanced than being off the detox. Increases you attention span, during the cleansing process. Too much sugar and fat-filled foods that are practically forced upon us as we stroll down the shopping isles daily causing us to feel lethargic, having sugar spikes levels, causing diabetes and heavily alters our quality of life and way of thinking. It’s important to make better and healthier choices for our body’s, our temples and develop new and healthier eating habits.

8. Radiant glowing Skin
Your skin is your largest organ tissue on your body, so you’ll see that it will start glowing, radiantly, resulting from a good detox program. The sauna an excellent way to help detoxify your body, by sweating out deadly toxins that may be clogged up in your pores. Detoxing helps with acne but don’t be alarmed as it might worsen your skin condition with all the harmful toxins that are being released before the healing process can take place. Your skin might get patchy or itchy before clearing up but this is part of the healing process and is a sign that you’re on the right track with your C-Detox regime. Look forward to brighter, clearer, smoother and more radiant skin at the end of your detox.

9. Anti-Aging + Longevity Elixir
The constant toxic build up in the body has a huge part to play in speeding up the aging process. To increased the longevity process, you can assist this process by reducing the amount of free radical damage done to the body. You’ll start to see the short and long term benefits of detoxing. Upon completion of your detox program, it’s very important not to fall right back a repetitive lifestyle and bad eating habits that caused the toxicity in the fist place. Stick to a good, improved, nutritional eating plan and it’s important to engage in a routined, daily, active lifestyle to improved a beautiful enriched life.

10. Practice Self-Love + Well Being
When detoxing you feel refreshed and when you feel good, amazing things can happen in your life. Detoxing is a strategic key factor in weightless or trying to start a new diet plan by taking care of business by pampering your body. Detoxing is simply just incredible for your wellbeing and will most definitely improve all areas of your life. You will experience better relationships, productivity at work and renewed energy life force.

Beneficial Foods that help detox

IMG_0591Once you’ve completed your detox, fruit and vegetable are a good way is a good way to keep things moving in the digestive system. Light exercises which help to circulate lymph fluid through the body and helps it to drain, strengthening your immune system in the process.