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Brisk Walks & Running

Heath Benefits:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

    Improve your balance and    


  • Strengthen your bones and muscles.
  • Improve your mood
  • Wear the right gear

Gigi Hadid wears Adidas

Wear comfy clothes and gear appropriate for various types of weather. If you’re going to outdoors when it’s dark make sure you’re wearing bright colors or reflective tape for visibility. Choose shoes with proper arch support, a firm heel and thick flexible soles to cushion your feet and absorb shock. 

  • Choose your course carefully When walking outdoors, avoid paths with cracked sidewalks, potholes, low-hanging limbs or uneven turf. If the weather isn’t appropriate for walking, consider going to your local gym using the treadmill, a park or walking in a shopping mall that offers open times for walkers.

  • Warm up Walk slowly for five to 10 minutes to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for exercise. Stretch your legs ankles for 5-10 minutes

  • Cool down  At the end of your walk, walk slowly for five to 10 minutes to help your muscles cool down.

  • Stretch  After you cool down, gently stretch your muscles. Make it s habit to stretch before you and after your walk. Warming up before exercising helps warm up your muscles assisting in less sprains or pulling your muscles.

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Homemade C-Detox Drinks

5 Major Health Benefits 

C-Detox drinks assist in naturally with;

Weight loss

Reducing inflammation

Boost Energy

Support Digestion

Cleanse the liver promoting healthy skin 

We all have crazy busy schedules and we work hard every day and we can barely get through the day without needing some sort of energy boost. The quick fix we tend to turn to us sugar for a quick pick-me-up, but that’s really doing more harm than good. Most people don’t even realize how sluggish and bloated we feel during the day due the result of excess toxins in the body. 


Detox drinks easy to make 

Certain fruit, vegetables and herbs that stimulate detoxification while providing vitamins and minerals that keep the body functioning properly. Experiment with detox drinks today and notice how much lighter and clear-headed you feel thereafter. 

Try to make detoxing a part of your health routine.

Why Choose Detox Drinks?

The word “detox,” scares people and you immediately think “fasting or some special formula?” It’s really much simpler than that. You can use the ingredients you have at home, like lemon, apple cider, ginger, cucumber, strawberries, raspberries and watermelon. There’s no rocket science to it.


Every day we are exposed to environmental pollutants, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals. We inhale, ingest or come into contact with these toxins and they get stored in the tissues and cells throughout our bodies. Many of these toxins have demonstrated harmful cancerous, reproductive, metabolic and mental health effects. C-Detox drinks help us to avoid toxic overload, eradicated toxic build up before it becomes a major health problem. 

Some signs of a toxic overload include:

  • constipation
  • bloating
  • gas
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • aches and pains
  • nausea
  • belly fat
  • skin problems
  • food cravings
  • low energy
  • bad breath
  • mood swings

5 Major Benefits of Detox Drinks 

1. Removes Toxins from the Body (and Cleanse the Liver)

Environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals are stored in our tissues and cells. This affects immune system function, our mood, metabolism and our ability to fight disease, in fact, symptoms of poor health in people free from diagnosed disease may also be related to toxin buildup.

2. Reduces Inflammation

When you cleanse the liver and give your digestion system a chance to rest by having detox drinks and smoothies instead of heavy meals, you are reducing disease-causing inflammation and swelling within the body. Some detox drink ingredients, like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries and ginger help to reduce inflammation while easing your digestive system. 

3. Aids Weight Loss

Detox drinks can boost your metabolism and energy levels, leaving you feeling fresh and light throughout the day. Some fruits, like benefit-rich grapefruit, even contain special enzymes that help the body to utilize sugar, thereby boosting the metabolism and aiding weight loss.

4. Promotes Skin Health

By eliminating toxins from the body and reducing inflammation, detox drinks boost skin health and minimize the signs of aging. When the skin becomes clogged with pollutants and chemicals, it leads to wrinkles, dryness and other signs of aging.

Strengthening the skin’s metabolic mechanisms with fruits and vegetables enhances the luster of the skin. Many detox drink ingredients are often vitamin C foods, which can also help to naturally slow aging and heal wounds by forming new scar tissue. 

5. Boosts Energy & Mental Alertness

The ingredients of any detox drink will work together to reduce inflammation, cleanse the liver and boost energy levels naturally. Without the toxin overload weighting you down, you will feel lighter and refreshed as opposed to living with fatigue and mood swings. Ingredients like lemon, rosemary and mint will rejuvenate the body and can even improve mental alertness. It helps to restore hydration, especially after exercise or a busy day. 

Best Ingredients for Detox Drinks

Each one has specific components that aid detoxification while helping to boost the immune system and prevent chronic disease. 

Watermelon Watermelon is low in calories and helps hydrate the body. It fights inflammation and free radical damage while providing vitamin A and vitamin B, both known for having anti-aging properties.

Watermelon contains a high amount of lycopene, a certain type of carotenoid that is responsible for giving watermelon its deep red or pink color and serves as a powerful antioxidant. Studies have shown that lycopene plays a role in the prevention of chronic diseases and may prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Watermelon also provides potassium and magnesium, which are important for detoxification and managing blood flow and hydration levels in the body. 

Cucumber Cucumber nutrition includes some impressive benefits when it comes to fighting free radical damage and inflammation. 

They also contain some powerful polyphenol compounds that can help to naturally slow aging that is caused by oxidative stress. Cucumbers are diuretics, so they stimulate urination which helps to cleanse the liver, flush out bodily toxins and avoid water retention.

Lemon — Lemon contains ascorbic acid, which helps to detoxify the body; it also aids digestion, keeps your skin glowing and provides vitamin C, which stimulates white blood cell production and boost immune system function.

The benefits of lemon water include its ability to rejuvenate the skin, heal the body and boost energy. A lemon water detox may also help you to lose weight because lemon contains pectin, a type of fiber that helps you to feel full longer. 

Lime — Adding lime juice to detox drinks provides vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is known to improve physical performance, boost the immune system and fight free radical damage.

Limes aid detoxification by promoting the activity of an enzyme in the liver called glutathione-S-transferase (GST). They also contain flavonoids that stimulate the digestive system and increase the secretion of bile and acids. 

Grapefruit — Did you know that just smelling the aroma of grapefruit affects the autonomic nerves, fat metabolism and appetite? Grapefruit benefits weight loss.

The enzyme found in grapefruit called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) helps your body utilize sugar, which boosts your metabolism and aids weight loss. AMPK is generally activated during exercise to help muscles use stored sugar and fat for energy. Grapefruit also boosts the immune system because it is rich in vitamin C, hydrates the body and even promotes skin and brain health. 

Raspberries – Raspberries contain ketones, natural chemicals that are known to help you lose weight fast. Animal studies have shown that raspberry ketones help to prevent the high-fat-diet–induced elevations in body weight as well as the weight of the liver and visceral adipose tissues.

Whether or not ketones aid human weight loss is still up for debate but raspberries are also high in vitamin C and B vitamins. They promote skin healthy and naturally slow ageing. 

Strawberries — Most of the health benefits associated with strawberry nutrition contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Strawberries contain anti-aging flavonoids that may lower the risk for chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Adding strawberries to detox drinks will also slow down the aging process, protect the skin, provide vitamins A and C and helps with detoxification. A and C vitamins are especially needed during the body’s detox process in order to neutralize and eliminate toxins — leading to reduced inflammation, a regular digestive system and pH balance. 

Mint — Did you know that mint has one of the highest antioxidant 

capacities of any food?

It’s the perfect ingredient for detox drinks because it invigorates the

senses while soothing an upset stomach or indigestion. Mint improves

the flow of bile through the stomach and speeds up the digestion process, helping to detoxify the body. It also has antimicrobial properties and can

be used to support oral health. 

Ginger — The medicinal benefits of ginger comes from gingerols, the oily resin from the root that acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Ginger serves as an effective digestive aid and natural remedy for nausea. It can be added to any detox drink to help relieve bloating, constipation and gastrointestinal issues. Ginger is also known to warm the body the break down the accumulation of toxins in the organs.

Rosemary — Rosemary is part of the mint family and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a very effective detoxifier, it works by enhancing the body’s bile flow, which is essential for fat metabolism and detoxification.

By helping to enhance the performance of the bile-producing gallbladder and balance out the microflora in the gut, rosemary boosts nutrient absorption and helps to reverse or prevent toxic overload. 

Dandelion — Dandelion greens increase urine production and serve as a natural laxative. Dandelions aid digestion by maintaining the proper flow of bile and cleansing the liver. They are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps with mineral absorption and reduces inflammation. Dandelions can also be used for loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas and gallstones. 

Apple Cider Vinegar — Drinking apple cider vinegar contains an organic acid called acetic acid increases metabolism and speeds up weight loss. It also supports digestive function with its enzymes and probiotics and fights acid reflux naturally. Add apple cider vinegar to detox drinks in order to cleanse your liver and lymphatic system. It helps balance your body’s pH and promotes cardiovascular stimulation. 

Aloe Vera Gel — Aloe vera gel has laxative and anti-inflammatory properties that help digestion, normalize pH balance, lessen yeast formation and encourage digestive bacteria.

The enzymes present in aloe vera help to break down the proteins that we eat into amino acids and turn the enzymes into fuel for every cell in the body. This allows the cells to function properly, and it boosts the immune system. Add aloe vera to detox drinks to reduce inflammation, aid digestion and promote skin health.

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New Years Resolution Detox

Our biggest addictions are Alcohol & Cigarettes so lets give it a go! 

Why not have a fresh start New Year’s Resolution by quitting drinking alcohol or simply cut back the amount you usually consume. You have the will power to do it for as long as you choose to and here’s exactly how.

The benefits are quite remarkable i.e., Not drinking leads to a healthier mind, body and spirit. 

By abstaining successfully you’re less likely to get drunk and you’ll score lower on an Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), compared to those who did not abstain from alcohol consumption They also had an easier time refusing drinks if offered.

Healthy Lungs 

                                                              Before                                                                          After 

You feel more positive about life. 

Restored vitality and feeling healthier.

Better sleep. 

More time to do those things you’vr been putting off for so long…

You lose weight and don’t forget to combine my C-Detox supplement into your daily nutritional plan. 

You experience more happiness and engagement with friends or loved ones. 

Toxic Chemicals found in Cigarettes 

Give up the “cigarettes” ciggies 

Remember why you want to quit apart from the fact that cigarettes contain arsenic and many other toxic chemicals that can give you cancer.  Keep busy clean your car and home from that disgusting smokey odor. Identify your smoking triggers. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for support.

Drink lots of water eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You’d be amazed at the healing powers water has. 

Massages are very healing and great for relaxation and releasing toxins. 

Start working out to release those endorphins. 

Always stretch it’s just as important as exercising 

Stay focused and keep your eye on the goal. 

Thanks for tuning into my blog you guys. I’m so excited and keeping my fingers crossed that you achieve positive results! 

Winter C-Detox Pot Lentil Soup


Lentil pot Soup:

    • 2 cups butternut squash (peeled and cubed)
    • 2 cups carrots (peeled and sliced)
    • 2 cups potatoes (chopped)
    • 2 cups celery (chopped)
    • 1 cup green lentils
    • ¾ cup yellow split peas (or just use more lentils)
    • 1 onion (chopped)
    • 5 cloves garlic (minced)
    • 8-10 cups vegetable or chicken broth
    • 2 teaspoons herbs de provence
    • 1 teaspoon salt (more to taste)

Add at the end:

    • 2-4 tbsp of C-Detox fiber
    • 2-3 cups kale (stems removed, chopped)
    • 1 cup parsley (chopped)
    • ½ cup olive oil – rosemary olive oil or other herb infused oil is delicious 
    • a swish of sherry, red wine vinegar, or lemon juice to add a nice tangy bite


    1. Place all ingredients in the crockpot. Add 2-4 scoops of C-Detox depending on the amount of servings. Cover and cook on high for 5-6 hours or low for 7-8 hours.
    2. Place about 4 cups of soup in a blender with the olive oil. Pulse gently until semi-smooth and creamy-looking (the oil will form a creamy emulsion with the soup). Add back to the pot and stir to combine. Stir in the kale and parsley. Turn the heat off and just let everything chill out for a bit before serving. The taste gets better with time and so does the texture.
    3. Season to taste (add the sherry, vinegar, and/or lemon juice at this point) and to really go next level, serve with crusty wheat bread and a little Parmesan cheese. It’s called Detox Balance. 

Enjoy this healthy, hearty and nourishing winter soup