C-DETOX – Benefits the Body

a glass of kiwi smoothie and celery

a glass of kiwi smoothie and celery

A detox can usually last between 3-21 days and its main effect is to restore your body and your senses – to purify yourself from harmful chemicals and toxins. The diet will improve your health on many levels – you will have more energy, feel energized and keep your weight balanced. If you decide to follow a detox diet your metabolism will improve and your body will function optimally. Your body and mind a chance to recover and it’s an excellent way to improve your health and lose weight. A detox diet is essentially a concept of eating a balanced diet consisting of organic products free of chemicals and toxins it also includes lots of vegetables and fruits – which are detoxified and cleansing. All foods like trans fats and carbohydrates should be avoided during a detox because it complicates and stops the body’s own purification system. Our body organs are affected by how we live and your lifestyle can create imbalances in the body that lead to you having problems with your health. Toxins and stress prevents us from functioning optimally, the body needs to be cleaned and we should allow our bodies to heal. Who does not want to raise their energy levels, stimulate his digestion, cure headaches and sleep disorders, remove bloating, improve concentration and mood, regain our natural ability to ward off colds and flu, and prevent premature aging and disease and lose weight? All these wonderful benefits are a result of a detox diet, which cleanses the body so it may be new opportunities to take advantage of all the important things that help the body to get more energy and also increase your overall health. “A detox can last over a short period of time – but we also suggest that you learn how to use detoxifying products in your daily life on a regular basis too clean your body and keep your weight down after you gone through a detox program.”

When your body and mind are working well, you will be able to hold on to a new healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food and healthy choices in our daily routines. Detox diet helps you lose weight and rejuvenate your body at all levels both your body and mind will function better. Help yourself stay focused, motivated and calm during the diet. A new direction in life always begins in the mind. Use the time of detox as a tool to reflect, connect with your inner-self and appreciate the moment. Learn to breathe with the diaphragm and learn simple meditation skills. It is important to address other areas of stress in your life and explore life as a whole.

Toxins and Waste products

A detox diet helps to cleanse the body by gathering all the data collected over the years. Certain toxins and waste products can be stored in the body for years because the body can’t get rid of them. A detox diet is to eat a cleansing diet consisting of plenty of fresh organic vegetables, fruit and unprocessed foods like nuts and seeds and its recommended to drink at least two lotres of water per day. Some herbs such as psyllium seed, ginger, liquorice root, chamomile and nettle to assist the detoxifying process. Those herbs can be consumed in tea that you drink daily or you can add those herbs directly into your food. Green tea during the day is also good for cleanses and detox


– Drink at least eight glasses of water per day
– Take time to chew your food well
– Drink apple cider vinegar in the morning
– When you wake up to add some ginger in hot water to wake up your body’s digestive
– Eat two spoons of organic coconut oil daily
– Take krill oil
– Clean your liver on a regular basis by adding organic olive oil in a glass of lemon water with ginger
– Dry skin brushing can help remove dead skin cells and promote elimination of toxins through the skin
– Go for walks
– Use infrared light to cleanse your body from toxins and boost your weight loss
– Drink herbal teas throughout the day – nettles, lemon, chamomile, green tea are all natural remedies to help detox process
– Add spices like cinnamon, chilli, ginger, black pepper to your food to increase your metabolism
– Before your meals take a leaf of basil with plate pepper and fresh ginger. This helps keep your digestive high and also help the cleansing process
– Meditate
– Yoga
– Sleep 7-8 hours a night
– Find an exercise that you love
– Do a whole body cleanse, a colon cleanse or a liver cleanse to improve the detoxifying effect in your body

Avoid the following

– Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and drugs
– Processed and refined foods
– Non prescript medications

What to Expect

When the body is cleansed of toxins and waste products will help all beneficial substances with the result that the body feels lighter and more energized. Often we feel more alert after one week on a detox diet. You will also lose weight and your skin will be bright and refreshed. This is mainly due to the detox process. This is because you eat food that allows the intestines to work and clean the old waste that can remain inside the intestine. You will look fresh and you will feel healthier.
One of the major benefits of a detox diet is that it can help you improve your eating habits to a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle. You give your body good opportunities to extend your life by a healthy lifestyle that consist healthy food, a happy stomach and a body in balance. You will let yourself heal

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