Nutritional Benefits of C-Detox Supplements

Hollywood Celebrity’s no.1 organic nutritional diet choice.

This is not a laxative or diuretic but a more of a lifestyle detox, colon cleanse.It comes in three sizes and takes 5-8 hours to activate. The Detox can last anything from 1-30 days and it’s main function is to detox and purify your colon from harmful chemicals and toxins. C-Detox boosts your immune system and increase your energy levels, you don’t have to diet and you can still keep your weight balanced.

It contains the highest grade Flaxseed ABC imported from Canada, Garcinia Cambogia to name a few of all the nutritional supplements in it. C-Detox will increase your metabolism function optimally. It’s an excellent way to improve your health and lose weight in no time. Best to take 1-2 tbsp as desired with Trader Joe’s Organic Apple Juice at night before bedtime.