New Years Resolution Detox

Our biggest addictions are Alcohol & Cigarettes so lets give it a go! 

Why not have a fresh start New Year’s Resolution by quitting drinking alcohol or simply cut back the amount you usually consume. You have the will power to do it for as long as you choose to and here’s exactly how.

The benefits are quite remarkable i.e., Not drinking leads to a healthier mind, body and spirit. 

By abstaining successfully you’re less likely to get drunk and you’ll score lower on an Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), compared to those who did not abstain from alcohol consumption They also had an easier time refusing drinks if offered.

Healthy Lungs 

                                                              Before                                                                          After 

You feel more positive about life. 

Restored vitality and feeling healthier.

Better sleep. 

More time to do those things you’vr been putting off for so long…

You lose weight and don’t forget to combine my C-Detox supplement into your daily nutritional plan. 

You experience more happiness and engagement with friends or loved ones. 

Toxic Chemicals found in Cigarettes 

Give up the “cigarettes” ciggies 

Remember why you want to quit apart from the fact that cigarettes contain arsenic and many other toxic chemicals that can give you cancer.  Keep busy clean your car and home from that disgusting smokey odor. Identify your smoking triggers. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for support.

Drink lots of water eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You’d be amazed at the healing powers water has. 

Massages are very healing and great for relaxation and releasing toxins. 

Start working out to release those endorphins. 

Always stretch it’s just as important as exercising 

Stay focused and keep your eye on the goal. 

Thanks for tuning into my blog you guys. I’m so excited and keeping my fingers crossed that you achieve positive results!