FAQ – Effects of taking C-Detox and how to take it



Hi guys

Today I’m here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the effects of taking C-Detox. I realize that we’ve all had our nightmares, inconveniences and horror stories with taking detoxes and having to spend the day at home on the Royal throne.

Fear not people I was skeptical to begin with too but the good news is there is no downtime and that there’s no downtime and no you don’t have to spend the day at home because:

1. C-Detox is very mild
2. Has very pleasant taste
3. It’s activates 5 to 8 hours some of my clients have said
4. Great for an active lifestyle whether you’re a corporate exec, stay home mom, fitness fanatic or someone that just always in the go
5. Recommended 1-2 level tablespoons of C-Detox with your favorite drink of choice i.e: apple| orange | coconut water or you can blend it into your smoothie
6. Take before bedtime or am
7. You feel lighter
8. Your food cravings lessens
9. Thinking clearer
10. Stimulates and boosts the immune system